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Thank you for visiting my blog and allowing me to share my thoughts and pictures with you. You will find entries on a number of topics, including sewing and cooking and life in general. I have also attempted to create some useful resources in the form of recipes and sewing tutorials.

There will also be occasional guest bloggers.

I look forward to hearing your comments.

Whilst you're here, why not visit my shop which offers unique, handmade (by me) ladies bags & accessories and children's clothing ?  Thank you !

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  1. I know I said results would be out on the 2 March, but I couldn't wait to see who the lucky winner was !

    My work colleagues had also decided that they couldn't choose as to who had made the best entry as to why they should win the bag, so I decided that picking a winner randomly would be the fairest.

    To do this I assembled my equipment : some mini whiteboards, a marker pen, a cake tin and a small child who just happened to be wandering around in his onesies having just consumed breakfast.

    I wrote everyone's name on an individual whiteboard. I have added the border effect round the photo to add a bit of drama ;).


    Then I popped them all in a cake tin and rounded up my able assistant to pick out one of the mini whiteboards

    random pick

    And my happy helper was pleased to annnounce that the winner is :



    I shall be getting in touch with Jackie shortly to arrange delivery of her bag, which turns out to be a perfect choice with Spring on the way. Hopefully, she will also agree to send us a picture of her modelling it.

    pink flower 400 x 400

    Enjoy your bag Jackie.