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Thank you for visiting my blog and allowing me to share my thoughts and pictures with you. You will find entries on a number of topics, including sewing and cooking and life in general. I have also attempted to create some useful resources in the form of recipes and sewing tutorials.

There will also be occasional guest bloggers.

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» Listings for February 2013

  1. So, I can’t believe it’s the 1st February already.  That’s a 12th of the year gone already and Christmas only seems like yesterday ! I decided to go a quick round up of the last few months as I haven’t been updating the blog quite as often as I would like to have done – blame Twitter, it just eats up time. Well it’s not just Twitter, there’s the day-job, the family, lots of things going on, and last but not least the ‘tartisting’. The latter is a term developed by my husband, what with me being a tart ( in the nicest possibly way ) and working as a textile artist – this makes me a tartist.

    Anyway, on with the show, as they say. November saw two big events, let’s start with the really pleasing one. My dreams of a having my own sewing studio started to take shape, as the build started on the back of the garage to turn it into a studio. As it slowly took shape, I regularly took photos to document what was going on. Then one day, the photos turned out like this :

    spooky week 3

    Not sure what to make of it really, they were taken with a Nokia E6 camera phone and all pictures before and after were completely clear. As were ones taken at another time with an SLR camera. We have had spooky goings on in the house before ( more of this at another date ), so this just adds to the intrigue.

    Spooks or not, the studio was finished and I moved in, finally having a nice, tidy organised space for all my fabric ( all 450 metres of it ) and other sewing paraphernalia. I even have a little sink, coffee station, full internet and Sky Go. Now if I could only afford to have a toilet block built, I would never have to leave ?

    sewing studio combined

    Not so pleasant was my dental abscess experience, which to cut a long story short, ended up being wrongly diagnosed with neuralgia, spending 6 hours on a Saturday/Sunday morning in A & E not receiving treatment because of the influx of drink related injuries, and swelling up to elephantine proportions. The emergency dentist didn’t get back to me either, and no-one would give me painkillers other than paracetamol and ibuprofen.  I was in agony for three days. Childbirth was easier ! 

    It was eventually tracked to a root canal gone wrong and a chronic infection which I seem to have had for years. I am still back at the dentist on an almost weekly basis, to have the tooh drained and washed out  with acid... OUCH. But I look normal again, and it looks like the tooth will be saved.

    December saw me taking part in my first craft swap organised by Make & Craft Magazine. I was paired with Michaela from Craftypainter. As the theme was ‘cosy’ this is what I sent her :


    You can read all about it on her blog !

    January was a month for  developing two new Stickytarts lines - oilcloth bags and gadget covers. I would love to hear what you think of them.

    combined new line

    I think that's all !

    How's your year going so far ?