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June's round-up

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It’s been a busy month in Stickytartland again, which once more left me with very little time to spend in the studio or even update this blog. In fact it has been so busy, I have hardly even been seen on Twitter ( which was shocking to many ).

To bring everything up-to-date I thought I would do another one of my quick summaries.

craft swap bag 600

May saw me busy participating in another @makeandcraft  swap in which I was paired with the lovely Louise O’Keefe. The theme this time round was flowers, and as Louise had said she loved bright Cath Kidston style prints and colours, I decided to make this little shoulder bag for her which I felt would be just right for Summer. It’s always a nerve racking time between your craft swap partner being sent the swap and them receiving it – luckily she loved it.

Here's my attempt at an 'arty' blurred photo of it ;).






I in return received this gorgeous crotched wreath and corsage, along with a lovely pack of charm squares. Louise was so thoughtful she even made a point of not sewing the flowers onto the wreath ( as you can see ), so that I could choose where to place them. Must get round to doing this soon - *adds note to long list*.


The #stitchingsisters continued their good work for Dress A Girl Around The World ( see previous blog entry ), and I would like to share some of their work with you.

Fishys dress

In no particularly order we have Michelle, @fishtankfairy, first. Follower her on twitter for eclectic conversation and tweets. This is only one of the six dresses that Michelle ended up making out of one double duvet cover, but she didn't send me any pictures of the other ones so you will have to make do with this one.  Michelle is a relative newcomer to sewing, so she should be an inspiration to anyone who thinks they can't make a dress as they are only a beginner.

Dawns dresses

Dawn @thegreedymagpie . Follower her on twitter or go to her website for lovely handmade jewellery.


Nicolas dresses

 Nicola @quilterdown , also at Follow her on twitter or facebook to see some of her lovely quilts.


Gill dame dress


Gills dresses
And last but certainly not least :  

Gill who makes dame costumes and her dresses that put all of us to shame. Contact her here for bespoke dame dresses and fancy dress costumes. On the left you can see an example of one of her dame dresses, and above her Dress A Girl Around The World dresses.

And that, as they say, is it !



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  1. Wow!! What fantastic dresses everyone. Thanks so much. I really appreciate all your hard work. Love them! x

    Posted on

  2. Fishy

    As ever Sticky, fantastic! All brilliant but can I say Gills are fabulous!! Sorry about lack of pics busy month here too :) Keep up the good work Mrs Tarts!!

    Posted on

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