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Dress A Girl Around The World - #stitchingsisters

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There is a wonderful project called "Dress A Girl Around The World" which I became aware of due to the tweets of Louise Horler or @sewscrumptious.

Louise explains it best in her blog :

"At the beginning of 2011 an article in a sewing magazine about a charity in America called ‘Dress A Girl Around the World‘ caught my eye. People who could sew were asked to make simple pillowcase dresses which were then delivered to girls living in poverty in the developing world. Girls in countries like Uganda, Rwanda, Haiti and India. The charity felt that every girl should own at least one pretty dress."
Malawi dresses


Louise is the central collection point in the UK for the pillowcase dresses and organises distribution to places such as Malawi (pictured above). As you can see one of these little dresses can bring real happiness to a little girl ! The project also encourages sewers to make shorts for little boys.

The patterns are available through the blog and are easy to follow even for novice sewers. I decided to follow an even simpler pattern which means all you need is two pieces of fabric (or even a pillowcase or tea towels), some ribbon and a basic sewing machine. All you need to be able to do is iron and sew in a straight line. This patterns comes courtesy of Sew like my mom, and is free for personal and charitable use. There is also a pattern utilising an overlocker (serger) which I have been using

I have now made nine, as once you start it becomes quite addictive !

Dresses 1 Dresses 2
A selection of dresses Dresses made out of normal fabric, a sheet and two tea towels

I have made dresses out of alsorts of fabrics, the only rule is that it musn't be too thick or see through. I have used all new fabric, a bed sheet and tea towels, but you can also upcycle fabric as long as it is in good condition.

My Twitter friends, on hearing about my progress and seeing pictures of the dresses, soon joined in and we now have a little Twitter posse made up (in no particular order) of @fishtankfairy @thegreedymagpie and @quilterdown, who have each made at least three dresses already. I have asked each of them for some pictures, so will be updating everyone soon with their little works of art. Other Twitterati who are poised to join the #stitchingsisters ( as we have called ourselves ) are @orinocobunting, @MissKazieB and @wigglemoretimer, and more are ready to make a start in the near future. Two of my Facebook friends are also busy stitching.

So, if you want to join in this good cause then please either get sewing and post pictures of your efforts on Twitter using the hashtag #stitchingsisters, or if you can't sew dig out any fabric, sheets, ribbon, etc. that you might have and give it to someone who can. Maybe this will acually make you pick up a sewing machine for the first time and give it a go. @fishtankfairy is a relative novice to sewing, but found the pattern an easy one to follow, so let her be your inspiration.

See you on Twitter#stitchingsisters !

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