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Tiger wrestling and ballet

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Now before I go any further, I have to inform you that I am the owner/keeper of a three year old. This particular three year old, also affectionately known as bean (therein lies another story) is particularly tall for his age, taking after his parents, and now at 39 months is the size of a four year old. Here he is done up as his favourite alter ego.


bean tiger


He is also very 'boisterous', I put that in inverted commas because it doesn't really do him justice ! Full of energy, he is permanently on the go and has us permanently on the edge of our seats, as he performs his latest acrobatics.  In his short life he has seen quite a few visits to minor injuries and A&E due to self-inflicted injuries, and I have signed many an accident form at nursery.

Anyway, worried about his posture (his  dad and I are terrible slouchers ) and in an effort to burn off some energy, we put his name down for gymnastics and ballet. He is still on the waiting list for gymnastics, but the call up to his first ballet class came in August.

Today was the big day, but he was already feeling out of sorts at 10am, refusing to get dressed and then having a major tantrum that would have done a two year old proud. Running out of time I carried him to the car under one arm, like a parcel. At 18 kilos there is not a lot else I can do with him. This is where having a convertible comes in handy, you can simply insert a child through the open top into their carseat. Even if they are struggling and screaming blue murder. This is what tiger wrestling must feel like !

We found the church hall no problem, and as I carried one  wriggly, struggling, growling tiger into it, past bemused onlookers outside, it was a bit embarrassing to realise that the previous class was still in full flow. There were lots of little girls dressed in pink and one little boy, who all stopped to admire this truly stupendous display of misbehaviour.

Soon it was our turn, but bean was still clinging onto me in chimp like fashion ( he likes to impersonate animals ), occasionally whimpering and shouting out "no no". So we decided to sit it out. Slowly, he became fascinated by the piano and the two little girls who were tip toeing through the flowers, being butterflies ( like Ariela in Tree Fu Tom as bean observed ) and marching (like big robox (sic) from Astro boy).

He was finally won over when they plieed through the mud in the garden ( or in his words "did the big robox stomp" ) and was almost tempted to join in. Although he growled at the teacher when she suggested he came over to dance with them, punctuating this with "I will NOT, I CAN'T". The best bit, however, the absolute best bit as bean was concerned, was the 15 minutes of tap at the end which was gloriously noisy. This didn't stop him from spending the last 5 minutes loudly snoring pretending to be asleep.... oh the embarrassment.

Miss Nicky being a reception class teacher, assured me that this was all perfectly normal ( really ??? ) and we were welcome to come back next week and take it at his pace. On leaving, bean politely said thank you ( see he can be polite )and goodbye, and in the car told me that he would love to go back next week. BUT ONLY, if he got some grey ( why grey they were all black ? ) loud shoes and if they did stomping robox again.

Maybe  next week, I'll send his dad.....

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  1. Well, kids are kids and we as parent's sometimes forget this. Hope all went well.

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