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Currywurst - the German fish & chips

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Not all currywurst are giant ones like this one - but they are not uncommon. Here the currywurst is being modelled with it's classical accompaniment of chips and a beer ! Usually the chips would have mayo on them too - another classical combo, chips with ketchup and mayo commonly known as "Pommes rot-weiss". My husband, however, is a mayo refusnik as he has a hatred of vinegar, and often suspects mayo of being salad cream in disguise, so there isn't any.

My husband is a recent convert to the currywurst, as like most English people he had never heard of them before I introduced him to this childhood favourite of mine. My German heritage means I will forever be a devotee. I am proud to say, my 3 year old took to it, as soon as he had his first bite.

So what is it ? Essentially it is a bockwurst covered with a curry ketchup sauce. Bizarre sounding but delicious, and a recipe follows at the end.

This German national dish comes from a "Wurstbude" (sausage take-away, roughly equivalent to the British fish &chip shop) or Imbissstand, although it's origins are shrouded in mystery. Two cities claim to be the cradle of its origin. 

Our first protagonist, Herta Heuwer allegedly served the first currywurst at her Imbissstand in Berlin-Charlottenburg in 1949. This consisted of a fried bockwurst in a sauce of tomato paste, curry powder, Worcestershire sauce and other ingredients.   

Uwe Timm in his novel "The Invention of Curried Sausage" in 1993, however, attributes the invention to our second protagonist, Lena Bruecker, who in this story first serves her currywurst at the Großneumarkt in Hamburg  in 1947.

Whether it was Herta or Lena it spawned a German obsession, not only with currywurst but the equally famous :Hela Curry-Gewürzketchup

Hela Curry-Gewürzketchup

Since my husband was introduced to it we have to import bottles of the stuff each time we go to Germany, but for those of you who can't/don't want to go to this trouble, you can also find it here at the German Deli in London, who also do mail order. It comes in lots of varieties, from the mild to the very spicy indeed.

You are going to need some of this to make your own currywurst, and here at last is the recipe. Again, there is some debate as to whether to leave the sausage whole, cut it into bite size chunks or split it in half before frying. Take the below as a basis, and then do as you wish !

Ingredients for 4 people

4 x Bockwurst - you can find these at Aldi or Lidl, try getting the ones from the chiller cabinet rather than in jars.

200 ml  Hela Curry-Gewürzketchup

100 ml water

2 x knobs of butter

Mild curry powder


Prepare sausage how you like, in this family we like the bitesize chunks. Fry in a knob of butter until golden and brown, sprinkle over curry powder and fry for another 30 seconds. Add ketchup and water, stirring to ensure all of the sausage is covered. Bubble until the mixture has thickened to the consistency of a sauce, stir in another knob of butter.

Serve sprinkled with curry powder to taste, with a bread roll or chips, and an ice cold German beer.


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  1. Stickytarts

    You probably had a "Buchtel". Given me an idea for a recipe blog there ! Thank you.

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  2. WOW! That is some huge sausage. I remember having a sort of sweet dumpling at a fair when I was in Frankfurt and it was absolutely gorgeous...a bit heavy perhaps BUT perfect on a freezing cold day. What would that have been called ? It had a fruit coulis in the middle..

    Posted on

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