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First craft fair..

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.... and was I nervous or what ? The day before was spent in a flurry preparing extra stock, making lists to take and basically worrying about everything.  

belgravehallHusband and child dropped me, stock and cakes ( more of that later ) off at Belgrave Hall half an hour before doors opened, and I was left standing in the sunshine wondering how things were going to turn out. Luckily, my good friend Helen who had volunteered to be my helper for the day, turned up soon after and made me feel a lot calmer.

Helen was also the one who ensured that we actually managed to get the stall set up in the 1 1/2 hours before the fair was open to visitors. Whilst I was titivating a bag, to look just so, for 20 minutes ( this is fact, Helen timed it ), she was filling bags with stuffing and generally getting stock out and ready. 


Fellow stallholders were also supportive and very friendly. Especially, David of Artisan Woodworking who even went and got us cups of tea/coffee. He also came up with some really good ideas on how to display Stickytart goods at future events, and possible extension of product lines. I am pleased to say I also went home with one of his beautiful wooden bowls, a result of some bartering with Stickystart stock :). 

And then the doors opened ! We were off to a good start selling two little children's bags within 1/2 hour. It was lovely to actually see the recipients being excited with their purchase, and wanting to wear their bags straight away.

fairytale bag
I am now planning more children's bags, especially seeing that I have just been commissioned for a kid's versions of my Moda fairytale friends tote in green and red . I am sort of glad that the adult version green bag, pictured above, didn't sell, 'coz I like it so much.


Visitors were also very complimentary about Stickytarts bags and accessories, and many stopped for a chat and to find out more about us. I am hoping this wasn't just because we bribed them with cake. Which brings us back to that topic...    

fudge resizedThe free bitesized cakes we were offering went, erm, like hot cakes. The baker was the fabulous Chris from Christine's Kitchen - a legend in her own lifetime when it comes to baking. In fact, her cakes were so good, that the stallholder next to us, kept sending people to our stall for the free cake ( rather than the bags  ). Christine's Kitchen, will bake and deliver your cakes - large or small, something for the weekend or for a celebration - in the Leicestershire area. Click on the link and you can send her an email.



So now I am no longer a craft fair virgin, what have I learnt from my experience ?

  • Take a friend, both for moral support and for an extra pair of hands. 
  • Practice setting out your stall before you go ( I didn't... oops ).
  • Fellow stallholders and visitors are actually a  very friendly lot.
  • Take lots of notes on how other stalls set out their goods, and comments people make. This will help you with deciding what stock to make/take in the future and perhaps how to display it more attractively.
  • People like cake ( no surprise there ) - offering a little freebie draws people to your stall.
  • Don't be surprised at how tired you will feel at the end of the day, craft fairs are hard work !

I have obviously not been put off, as I have already booked a place at a Christmas Fair. More details to follow ....


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