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6 weeks to OMG - the cold bath experiment results

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For this experiment you will need :

  • A freshly drawn bath of cold water
  • A thermometer - I used a fridge one
  • A timing device - I used my mobile

Having consumed two cups of coffee ( black ) and cleaned a very messy utility/storage for anything room for an hour to fulfil the "movement" criteria, I was actually hot and sweaty enough to look forward to a cold bath. I followed Venice's instructions to the letter, as detailed below.

The water was below 20 degrees, 18 in fact. thermometer a


feet 300 x 300

2 minutes standing in the cold water. The sharks are keeping me company as 15 minutes to spend in a cold bath seems awfully long. My toenails were green before I started, so no need to worry about that !

3 minutes of sitting in the cold water. The initial shock was literally breath-taking, and I spent the three minutes shaving my legs. Interesting observation, if you cut yourself, the cold water seems to stop the bleeding.

10 minutes of fully lying down ( well as much as you can in a small bath ) with the back of the head in the water. Not as bad as I had expected, quite zen really.


And here is the result. Remember - the water according to Venice will be raised by 2 degrees, and if your bath is filled with 150 litres, this would require you to expend 300 calories. Judge for yourself :

thermometer b Just about touching 20 degrees ! That means a 2 degrees increase - as hypothesised.

Not quite finished yet though, now I needed to measure how much water there was in my particular bath tub. As I was using a measuring jug, I thought I might as well go green  and use the water for flushing the loo and watering the house plants. This bit of the experiment took me most of the day.

My bath tub, scientifically measured, takes 100 litres without the water heading down the overflow once I sit in it. If you have less mass, your bath will probably take more water ....

The definitive result : given that the calculations were based on a 150 litres of water, I have had to take a third off the calorie count. That is still 200 calories for simply sitting in the bath, as compared to a similar amount burnt on a cross trainer in the same time.

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