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6 weeks to OMG - science behind the cold bath ?

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So, like most of us I need to lose a few pounds (ok a couple of stones), brought on by pregnancy and thyroid problems, and erm.... my love of food and wine.

As a break from building this website, getting stock ready for the craft fayre and looking after the little monster, I have been indulging in some light reading - including OMG in 6 weeks by Venice Fulton. If you follow the quake version of his programme he promises a weight loss of 20lbs in 6 weeks. Sounds to good to be true ? Well, you do have to undergo several mild forms of torture to achieve this, by raising your metabolic rate.

I can cope with the two cups of black coffee first thing in the morning ( being a coffee addict ) although I would prefer them with milk. I can even cope with not eating for the first three hours after I get up, and at a push the 45 minutes of "movement" ( also known as exercise ), but a 15 minute bath in water that is a cool 20 degrees ?

As the husband is a sciency type and we were invited for dinner at another sciency person's house I got them to do the Maths. Venice claims that the water will be 2 degrees warmer when you get out, so you have expended energy heating it up as well as getting your general metabolism going. We figured that an average bath takes 150 litres of water. Apparently - and I didn't quite follow the Maths here, this means an energy input of 1.2 mega joules, or 300 calories to you and me. THAT is amazing, and that is worth 15 minutes of discomfort.

So tomorrow the experiment starts.


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