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Thank you for visiting my blog and allowing me to share my thoughts and pictures with you. You will find entries on a number of topics, including sewing and cooking and life in general. I have also attempted to create some useful resources in the form of recipes and sewing tutorials.

There will also be occasional guest bloggers.

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Category: Guest blog

  1. Guest post - The Greedy Magpie on jewellery making

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    Greedy magpieWell, where do I start? I’m probably like any other fabric mad seamstress - I love a good haberdashery department, but I’m also in my element in the ironmongery department of a D.I.Y store. Or picking shiny items up off the pavement! Hence the name ‘Greedy Magpie’.

    I’ve always loved groups of small things, I love bits that come off things too! Such as the tiny brass rings on the end of a used guitar string, they are fab.

    I started to dabble in simple jewellery making after finishing my fine art degree in 2008. I also junk shops and vintage emporiums and have a real enthusiasm for  ‘re working’ things.

    I came across Susan Lenart Kazmer whilst trying to find a way of fixing two items together. Susan is described as an explorer, inventor and maverick who has ‘pioneered the use of found objects in jewellery making’. The method Susan uses to join metal together is riveting, literally! Wow! You use a piece of wire, it could be a small length from a bicycle spoke, put through a drilled hole, add your next piece of drilled metal, hammer the end of the wire flat, flip it over, cut the wire to desired length, hammer that end flat too and ‘voila’ you have joined items together.

    I played around with this method, the first piece I sold was a dog tag with vintage watch parts fixed to it. I am keen to use pre loved items in my work. I have taken apart vintage watches and have used pre loved pieces of jewellery in other pieces.

    Needing to learn more about types of metal and other ways of joining things I searched for some type of silversmithing course. I attended a local class where I learnt about soldering, which is fascinating! I love that moment when the solder runs and then joins your seam. I’m not very good but with practice it should become easier.

    Recently I became involved in a craft swap with friends I made whilst taking part in a twitter project, making ‘pillow case’ dresses for young girls in third world countries. For the craft swap I designed a piece of jewellery using bits and pieces I have acquired along the way, I constructed the piece and sent it off to my craft swap partner. I waited with baited breath. It was a tense couple of days! The comments were really positive, which is great. It inspired confidence. The craft swap is a really good idea to test your products, you’re among friends who are supportive and appreciative and it's all light hearted.

     I’m now designing my next piece and in true Greedy Magpie style I’m on the hunt for more shiny elements that I can adapt.

    To get in touch with Dawn go to Twitter @thegreedymagpie or visit her website.


  2. Fishtank fairy's wall murals

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    Please welcome @fishtankfairy (and follow her on Twitter), the first Stickytarts guest blogger. A busy working mum, and ex Britney Spears impersonator - yes really, Fishy shares her experiences of painting wall murals for her children's bedroom. I think you will all agree that she is a very talented individual !

    "Sticky has kindly asked me to be a guest blogger on her site and write a bit about the murals/drawings/scrawls (I’ll allow you to decide for yourself), that I did for my children’s bedroom walls.

    Let me tell you a little about myself first – I am a 28 year old mother of  two and wife of one, with a strange and quirky sense of humour. I enjoy anything arty and crafty, and love gardening, not only because it’s part of my job but also because I find it to be a good destressor. I am an animal lover, with elephants being my favourite, but as it is probably illegal to own one in Scotland, I’ve settled for being animal-mother to one very crazy dog and two equally bonkers  house cats.

    I have been married for five years now to, what must be, a very patient man.  After a few months of marriage we decided we should do the children thing, which resulted in discovering on our one year anniversary that we were expecting our son, Mk1 (now three).  We are obviously a silly lot, because once we moved to a bigger house we thought another one would be a good idea, thus resulting in Mk2, our daughter (now one).  Our house only has two bedrooms so this means the two have to share.

    When it came to decorating their bedroom, I wanted something bright and colourful. It also had to be something that would grow with them and would mean not having to redecorate every couple of years.

    I decided that my original idea of a striped wall of ‘boy’ colours and one of  ‘girl’ colours would be too difficult (!?1?!), so I spent hours on the internet searching for inspiration and ideas.  I eventually found a site specializing in wall art stencils, but with the size of the wall mural and being on a tight budget this proved to be too expensive.  Being quite arty and loving a creative challenge, I therefore decided to create my own wall mural using the site for inspiration.  This way the end product would be totally unique and exactly to my taste.

    Mk1’s wall had to be something that was not too flouncy or flowery for a little boy, but I didn’t want it to be too simple either. So I decided on a tree with swirls and leaves detail. Mk2’s wall had to be really girly, but not too stereotypically girly, so for her  it was a tree with flowers and butterflies.

    I started by creating 3” x 3” pencil sketches of the trees I envisaged and then armed with pencils, rubber and sharpener I went about recreating these on a large scale. First were the outlines, which consisted of a lot of pencil scrawls and rubbings out, hence a few dirty marks on the walls that show up in the pics.  

    mk1 sketch mk2 sketch
    Mk 1's sketch Mk 2's sketch

    The actual painting was the time consuming part, which I mainly completed using matt emulsion in three coordinating colours - blue, lime & Jazzbury purple.  The details of the leaves, circles, flowers and butterflies were all done with little tester pots.  Using little rollers and little paint brushes proved to be best for this, but getting into all the little nooks and crannies was a nightmare.

    I lost count of how many hours it took me to complete the whole project as it could only be completed  in my sparse free time in between breastfeeding, usually on a Sunday afternoon when hubby was around to watch Mk 1 & Mk2  leaving me to concentrate.  I started it in July and finished in December!! 

    finished mk1 finished mk2

    I would, however, do it all again.  I thoroughly enjoyed getting creative and am really pleased with the results. Best of all the kids really love their trees ."

    I hope you have enjoyed this guest blog. If you have, please leave a comment or tweet Fishy ! If you would like to feature as a guest blogger yourself and show off one of your creative projects (whatever it might be) then please contact us.