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Thank you for visiting my blog and allowing me to share my thoughts and pictures with you. You will find entries on a number of topics, including sewing and cooking and life in general. I have also attempted to create some useful resources in the form of recipes and sewing tutorials.

There will also be occasional guest bloggers.

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  1. If there was a Fabric Anonymous I would have to join. Those of you with a fabric "stash" will sympathise.

    It all started off quite innocently Christmas 2011. After watching too many Kirstie Allsopp programmes, and reading too many magazine articles featuring sewing projects, I decided I just had to have a sewing machine. I thought it would take until 2012 to arrive, but my some kind of miracle it arrived only two days after I ordered it.

    As you can imagine, sewing old sheets and old tea towels soon becomes rather uninspiring so my thoughts turned to ebay. Who knew that there were so many different types of fabric like duck ( why is it called that ?), canvas, quilting cotton, etc ? That is not to even mention the plethora of patterns. And it is just too easy......

    It was at that time I found my fabric dealer, she has made me dependent on the fixes she can provide. She sells end of line high quality fabrics in metre increments. This means you can own lots and lots of different types. Pam ( I think this may be an alias ) has me so reeled in, that she allows me to store up my ebay wins for a couple of weeks until I am ready to take delivery. Really I am saving money though, as the fabrics are cheaper than they would be in 'proper' shops and she always combines my postage....

    Sometimes  she disappears for 4-6 weeks to go off on "her travels", and each time I feel bereft. I don't know where her travels take her, for all I know she is scoring more gear. All I know is that I can no longer peruse and get my hands on her "fabulous fabric remnants". If it wasn't for my other sources of fabric I am sure I would go cold turkey.

    Being a very tidy person, I am horrified at how fabric is taking over the house, and seems to have found a home in every cupboard and quite a few surfaces. The three blanket boxes bought to contain it, no longer do, but can I stop ? No, I can't !

    I love to shop for it, I love to own it, I love  to handle it, I  love to create beautiful things with it. I have a daydream in which I have a dedicated sewing studio, with lots of racking, in which all my fabric would rest colour coded and neatly folded, ready to be admired and touched. See, I am getting carried away again !

    Here are some  of my current  websites that I like to visit regularly. Sometimes I even browse "in private" to cover my tracks, as my husband is starting to voice concerns.....

    curtain factory outlet - not just for curtains but lots of up-to-date fabrics by the like of Clarke & Clarke and Prestigious.

    remnant house - lots of different types of fabrics, but I especially like the selection in the crafts & quilting section.

    prints to polkadots - a brilliant site offering fat quarters and larger lengths from designers that can sometimes be hard to find in the UK, like Riley Blake, Robert Kaufman,  Premier Prints, etc. . 

    emerald city - a site based in the US, but ships to the UK. Offer the same sort of fabrics as prints to polkadots, but much cheaper. It's easy to get carried away here ( I know I recently did, and can't wait for my 19 metres of fabric to be delivered), but remember there is p&p and customs to pay :(.

    ANYWAY, enough of my ramblings, back to the fabric and back to the sewing machine.

    If you too are an addict, please leave a comment and maybe we can all form some sort of self help group. And please please don't get me started on haberdashery.....